Blackberry 10:3 - New Features and Specifications

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The Smartphone market is dominated by various companies but Blackberry remained silent for quite some time. The company fights back in to the market by unveiling Blackberry 10.3 OS.

According to the source, Michael Clewley, Blackberry 10.3 provides plenty of useful features.

  • Signature Action: The action bar is now simple and clean. The most commonly used action is in the centre and highlighted with blue, secondary action is at the edge for functionality and the main action is constant for each app/screen.
  • Updated Icons: The box around the icons in Blackberry 10 has been removed giving a fresh new treatment.
  • Endless Folders: Multiple apps can be combined into one folder just by dragging and dropping a folder into another.
  • Empty Home Screen: Blackberry 10.3 OS introduces the "running apps grid" for less confusion and more predictability for the users.
  • Fast Quick Settings Access: From within an application a two-finger swipe from the top will help in changing the system settings through quick settings menu.
  • Blog Bonus-More Apps on Screen: One can experience more icons on the screen. Blackberry Z3, Z10 & Z30 has now extra row of apps and Q5 or Q10 will have extra column of apps.
  • Download All Attachments: An extra icon is added to the email screen that allows quick download of all email attachments.
  • Delete Original Text: The original text can now be deleted when replying to an email.
  • Remote IMAP Search: Once the account sync window is customized, the email items which do not appear on Blackberry, will be available now.
  • File Sent Messages: Sent messages are filed into specific folders available in the mailbox.
  • Blackberry Hub "Reset": It will allow to close/auto-save open content and automatically default the list after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Weekly Agenda: The weekly agenda view is now endless. The weeks are outlined at the top and the total agenda view for a particular week is below.
  • Tasks in Calendar: This will help in creating task from within the calendar app itself and also see those tasks listed in the calendar. All the tasks created will be listed in Remember and vica versa.
  • Notification Meeting Mode: The notification profile will be tweeked automatically based on the calendar even if the phone goes off.
  • Remember Updates: The Remember is more organized now. A tab separates the tasks and notes and has the ability to set a default view.
  • Camera: With the help of upgraded UI, taking pictures is simple, switch between cameras and toggle certain features.
  • Filer Picker Album View: Within the Pictures app, there is album view when sending a picture from the file manager.
  • Settings List Re-arrange: The Settings list can be re-arranged in order of choice or frequently used items.
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