BlackBerry 10 Update: Jelly Bean, New Apps from Digiflare, a No-Sale in Japan


BlackBerry 10 users can look forward to a smoother use and play with the confirmed Jelly Bean update.

End Gadget reports that the update confirmation was announced at the BlackBery Jam developer conference.

However, a definite time for the update is still yet to be released, and users will still operate Gingerbread-based apps, at least until the update finally takes place.

Digiflare Digs: 7 applications for your BB10

By now, BB Z10 users are probably raring to discover new finds in the BlackBerry World of apps that will let them enjoy the new features of the Z10. MarketWire announces Digiflare's new apps, tailored for the BB10 smartphones, are already out in BlackBerry World.

Choose from apps that have been created in partnership with companies like AFP, CNC Jockey Night in Canada, Yellow Pages Group, theScore, Sportsnet, TuneIn, and The Globe and Mail.

Of the seven currently released, here are the top three must-haves on your BB10:

Need to contact a business or residence in Canada? provides BB10 users with the largest database of businesses in Canada.

In addition, users can also enjoy the reverse telephone look-up feature an the built-in GPS so that they can easily pinpoint businesses that are near their particular location.

AFP News

Know the latest events anywhere in the world and be there when the news breaks with AFP News app.

Users can enjoy the real-time access to news, and with partnership with AFP, you are looking at accurate, in-depth coverage on topics that have a wide range, from sports and entertainment, to health and science.


Sports fans will have the best sports experience on their mobile with theScore. Now you can get updates, news, statistics, scores, and more for any of your favorite teams and players all over the world.

This is made possible in partnership with theScore Inc., which now delivers an updated version of their top app to BlackBerry 10 users.

BlackBerry 10: A no-show on shelves in Japan

The BlackBerry 10 launch has seen success in most of the markets where it has already launched, but it seems like the company will be a little more targeted in its roll-out this time.

According to CNet, BlackBerry 10 will leave Japan out of its target countries for launch and release. "Japan is not a major market for BlackBerry, and we have no plans to launch BlackBerry smartphones there at this time," said a company spokesperson to CNet.

But is this truly a smart move for the company-especially now with its recent rebranding.

Given the downtime that it has received during the past release, it seems that BlackBerry will be opting launches in places where it deems reception to be overwhelming-or at the very least, more than willing to carry on the brand.

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