BlackBerry 10 Games: The Five Must-Have in BB10


While BlackBerry 10 apps are there to let you personalize your BB10 according to your lifestyle, BlackBerry 10 games are there to make your smartphone more enjoyable, especially during those slow days when playing games are the best way to kill time.

Enjoy the new features of the BlackBerry 10 with these 5 must-have BlackBerry 10 games, available on BlackBerry World.

The Bard's Tale

Who says you need a game console to play a full-fledge RPG? Turn dull hours waiting in line or an appointment by entering the world of battle as the Bard with your very own BB10!

According to IT ProPortal, you are looking at a 1.5 GB download for the game, but in exchange, you have three classic games from the 80s, with an addition of the modern 2013 adventure. Get the Bard's Tale, now available at $4.25 in BlackBerry World.

Angry Bird Star Wars

It seems that the Angry Birds streak is far from over as Rovio brings a Star-Wars themed set-up to the table. Defeat the imperial pigs and join the bird rebellion using the same physics-based mechanics you've come to love-only this time, it's all you have the force on your side.

This is the first time that this mobile game can be seen in the BlackBerry platform-with the exception of BlackBerry PlayBook-you can now enjoy Angry Birds Star Wars for free.

Radiant Defense

An alien tower defense game where you have control over the traps, weapons, and fortress build as you ready yourself for the wave of enemies, Radiant Defense is all about tactic and intelligence.

Expect 300 waves of aliens, 10 missions, 9 weapons which you can upgrade to rain hell on your enemies, and 3 super weapons for mass defense (or destruction)-all for free!

Fruit Blitz

Matching games are a great way to pass the time, and Fruit Blitz offers this simple challenge. Match three fruits so you can clear them away or have them turn into wild cards for an extra challenge.

What's different about this game is its multiplayer mode, which you can better enjoy with the BB10 graphics. According to PC Mag, Fruit Blitz is currently one of more well-programmed matching games in the market that have the best designs, for $0.99.


If you have been a fan of Zuma or Bonsai Blast and are up for a bit of a challenge, then Sparkle is the best game for you. The overall feel is dark, almost Zuma-like in nature, but overall, you'll be enjoying the graphics on your Z10.

Digital Trends reports that Sparkle runs on the same mechanics as the mentioned games-fire up a colored orb, match three or more with the same color so they can be cleared, and avoid the time pressure of being overrun with each level.

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