Black Panther And Captain Marvel Movies May Be On The Way—Report


With the enormous success of bringing comic book characters alive on the movie screens, movie buffs have been wondering what is next from Marvel. The head of Marvel Studious has confirmed he is considering Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies.

Marvel Studious is taking interest expressed by fans into consideration. In an interview with IGN, the head of Marvel Studious, Kevin Feige, has confirmed development work for Black Panther and Captain Marvel has been done and the studio is continuing the work on these two characters.

Explaining the reason, the head of Marvel said he gets asked about Black Panther and Captain Marvel more than "Iron Man" 4 and "Avengers" 3. The studio will be taking enormous popularity enjoyed by the two characters into account.

Marvel usually is not influenced by opinions, according to Kevin Feige. The studio has a plan and it rarely changes it, based on opinions it may get online. Movie buffs may not always have all the information to give good suggestions. However, the head of Marvel feels that, in this specific case, it is different and the fans may get what they are asking for.

The Black Panther character first appeared in the comic books in 1966. The character has been a part of the "Fantastic Four" and "Avengers" teams. He is seen as a tall, muscular superhero who has superhuman senses. He is generally seen fighting unarmed.

Captain Marvel has been seen as a male originally, but in the recent comic books, the character is a female. The male character belongs to the Kree Empire citizen named Mar-Vell. In the comic books, he has fought the villain Ronan the Accuser, who movie buffs will remember seeing in the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy."

In the more recent comic books by Marvel, Captain Marvel is a blonde woman called Carol Danvers. Fans of the Marvel comics may be excited to learn about the possibility of the two characters coming to movie theaters. But readers must note that no official announcement has yet been made.

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