The Bizarre Truth about Purebred Dogs Goes Viral on YouTube [Watch Video]

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Dog lovers of the purebred adorable bulldog might want to think twice before getting one to take care. A comedy video explaining the bizarre truth about purebred dogs seriously ruins one's love for the four-legged pet.

The viral YouTube video from Adam Ruins Everything already amassed almost 800,000 views and over 25,000 likes in just a matter of three days.

In the 4.31-minute long video, Adam Conover explained to purebred dog lovers out there that the animal is not the best pet but the worst.

"Dog breeds aren't even the real thing. We make them up," Conover said. He stated the people talked about dog breeds as if nature created them that way. As if, every mutt is just a mix of different purebreds. He explained that mutts are dogs in their natural healthy stage.

The guy explained the pure breeding is a genetic manipulation that humans made up just to amuse themselves. He stated that 90 percent of the purebred dogs were just created in the last 100 years. He explained that competitive dog breeding in England became a fad among the wealthy. He also cited Dr. Frankenstein as "playing God for a while" and declared the little animal as "purebred."

Conover also revealed that a purebred dog is totally arbitrary. He equated the word "purebred" with "inbred." He explained that purebred dogs are prohibited from mating outside their breed which means that the dog mates with their own parents and siblings.

He even cited a study which found out that 10 thousand pugs have the same genetic diversity as 50 individuals making the tiny adorable bulldog as inbred as an Austrian duke.

Furthermore, Conover explained that all the inbreeding makes the average purebred bulldog sicker than the regular dog. He also enumerated several problems that come along with purebred dogs like genetic disease, cancer, dyslexia, hip problem, and shorter life expectancy.

He said that these purebred bulldogs have skulls that are too small for their brains and squashed nose that can barely breathe. These bulldogs also have heads that are too big that that they can only give birth by caesarian section.

Conover even said the sad part the kennel clubs could cure all the bulldog's problems if humans would just allow them to cross breed. The human insistence to make the purebred dogs live up to the arbitrary standards is borderline animal abuse.

In the end, Conover said that instead of getting a cute little bulldog, opt instead for a puppy mutt from the animal shelter. This animal is 100 percent happy, healthy, and 100 all-natural dog.

But for those who still wanted to get a bulldog after watching the video, they can check out Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia by clicking here.

Watch the video on the bizarre truth about purebred dogs from YouTube.

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