BioShock Heads to Apple iOS Later This Summer, Gamers Give Ambivalent Reactions on Twitter

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Gamers had ambivalent reactions on the social media Twitter as the classic "BioShock" is headed to Apple iOS later this summer. This was recently revealed by the game publisher 2K via Twitter.

The first-person shooting game will be the same with the desktop and consoles, except for slightly reduced details in the graphics and mechanics. It will be compatible with iPhones 5, 5C and 5S smartphones. It will also be available in iPad Air, iPad 4 and iPad Mini 2.

"BioSohock" made its debut to the desktop in 2007 and was later made available to consoles. This game takes place in a devastated, underwater and utterly isolated city called Rapture. Gamers will have to play the role of Jack, the lone survivor from an airplane crash. Jack's only available choice is to enter the city of Rapture.

2K Games had not yet provided a particular launch date or price point for this award-winning game, but several websites mentioned that it will be released as a "premium priced" game with no additional micro-transactions.

Gamers have varied reactions about this update on Twitter. "Bioshock being released on iOS is kind of weird, but I'm glad it will start blurring the line between mobile and 'real' gaming," one user @TheSaraClemens tweeted. Another user @DresdenComplex stated that a person got angry because he thought that having "Bioshock" on mobile phone will mean that little kids will play the game. He was not sure how many parents will buy it.

Eurogamer conducted an hour hands on of the game in the iOS device and revealed that it was remarkably faithful to the original classic game, except for the shrunken appearance in the smaller screens.

The website mentioned though that there were some compromises on the game's appearance. The slightly lower quality in the game's look was noticeable during the sizzling opening. Some textures of the game were reportedly toned down. The website also mentioned it was awkward to stretch the spring up the EVE or health bars to use the health kit.

But once inside Rapture, the largely familiar gloomy and enclosed look resembled the original game. The website also stated that it was easy to master the touchscreen controls. It also mentioned about the handy button to make contextual actions like being able to loot when standing over a crate or a dead body.

Even with the hands on and the absence of a price point, Eurogamer still finds it difficult to weigh in or recommend "BioShock" on the Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Watch the hand-on of BioShock on iOS from YouTube.

(Credit: YouTube/TouchArcade)

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