Billy Bob Thornton Wants to Play Hodor in Game Of Thrones

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Everyone seems to want to get on the  "Game of Thrones" bandwagon nowadays and why not? The widely popular HBO original series has just gotten 19 Emmy Nominations this year and anticipation is already building for the fifth season which won't drop until next year.  Veteran Actor Billy Bob Thornton who also gained an Emmy nod for his work on "Fargo" stated that appearing in the series would be one of his dream jobs.

Thornton enjoyed his time working on "Fargo" so much that the movie star declared that he would love to work on television again if another great project comes along. He won't be returning for the second season of "Fargo" leaving him open to try out other ventures. Thornton is just one of a growing list of movie stars that have invaded the small screen.

During the Emmy Awards Performers Peer Group Celebration, Thornton shared his desire to appear in Game of Thrones in an exclusive interview with E! News.

While the role is already taken, Thornton stated that he is interested in playing Hodor, the dim-witted footman who is carrying around the crippled Bran Stark and who says nothing but "Hodor" through all of his scenes. While the script may be easy to memorize, it takes a fair bit of acting to convey a spectrum of emotions with just one word.

Thornton eventually stated that he could maybe play a cousin of Hodor or something similar which leaves Northern Irish actor Kristian Naim with nothing to worry about as Thornton does not intend to take his role from him. Naim plays the character in question in the ongoing series. Based on what's happening in the books, Hodor is so far still alive and we can probably expect to see him in upcoming seasons as well.

Thornton also made a comment about wanting at appear in the iconic 90's teen series "Saved By The Bell" which starred Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The series gained a cult following for several years and many 30-somethings still have fond memories of it. Thornton didn't specify which character he would wish to play but acknowledged that he missed his chance since the series isn't airing anymore. If the "Game of Thrones" gig doesn't happen, he was also reportedly interested in appearing in "The Big Bang Theory," a show which he is a huge fan of. 

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