'Billboard Music Awards 2014': Top Three Highlights (Video)

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Robin Thicke
Singer Robin Thicke performs "Get Her Back" at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 18, 2014. REUTERS

The "Billboard Music Awards 2014" was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 18. The award is an honour given by Billboard, a publication and music popularity chart covering the music business.

No show is ever memorable without a few amounts of funny, weird and a bit creepy moments. "The Billboard Music Awards 2014" is no exception, as even on the following day, people are still talking and marvelling about the event.

Listed below are the top three highlights from "The Billboard Music Awards 2014".

Michael Jackson's "live" performance of "Slave to the Rhythm"

No one was prepared for what they were about to see when show host rapper Ludacris, announced the next performer "Live from the MGM Grand, Michael Jackson."

A hologram of the King of Pop (photo), stepping down from a golden throne, surrounded by real-life back up dancers, as he sings and dances to "Slave to the Rhythm," a song from his second posthumously released album "Xscape".

The holographic image of a young Michael Jackson doing his signature moon walk elicited mixed reactions from the audience. Some were moved to tears, while others scowled, and some were clearly astonished. The illusion was unexpectedly powerful according to CBS, when the hologram was alone on stage, so lifelike to the point of being creepy.

CNN quoted public relations agent Simon Smalls on his twitter post after he saw the performance.

"Uncomfortable, odd and eerily interesting."

Well, naturally it would be uncomfortable since Michael Jackson's remains are resting in a crypt in a Forest Lawn mausoleum, since his death five years ago.

A stand-in performer had to recreate Michael Jackson's dance moves (the spins, the gyrations, and trademark kicks into the air) for a computer then laid on an image intended to replicate the late pop singer.

#MJILLUSION is now trending in Twitter.

Miley Cyrus gets "bleeped" during acceptance speech

Miley Cyrus couldn't attend the awards personally, but she made her presence felt all the way from her "Bangerz" tour in England, with a pre-recorded performance of The Beatle's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Lending a hand with the singing is Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne, and both sang a slow, trippier version of the old song.

The risqué singer also won multiple awards including top streaming artist. According to ABCnews, Miley Cyrus cursed during her taped acceptance speech, in which the objectionable word was censored.

"Thank you to everybody for making this s--t possible."

"The Wrecking Ball" singer managed to catch herself before finishing off her speech when she realized she was on ABC.

Video of Acceptance Speech

Video performance of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

Robin Thick on bended knee

R&B singer Robin Thicke enlisted the help of the audiences to win wife Paula Patton back, when he went down on his knees after singing his new song "Get Her Back".

After winning top R&B song, he thanked his wife "for her love and support and for putting up with me all these years". After which, he debuted the song which was aimed at Patton's heart.

"I never should have raised my voice or made you feel so small. I never should have asked you do to anything at all. I'll wait forever for you to love me again."

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