Bill Kristol Says That Issue About 'LA Clippers' Owner Donald Sterling is 'Hysterical' -- His Opinion Instantly Backfires

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling sits on the sidelines wathcing his team play the New York Knicks in their NBA basketball game in Los Angeles in this February 11, 2009 file photo. NBA officials are reviewing an audio recording posted online of Sterling allegedly telling his girlfriend not to post photos of herself with black people and not to bring African-Americans to Clippers games, a league spokesman said on Saturday. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Lucy Nicholson

Bill Kristol commented on the racist remarks made by NBA's LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling in ABC's live panel report on Sunday. Kristol's defensive tone for Sterling's plight immediately earned him negative feedback from viewers and most Internet users.

William "Bill" Kristol is an American political analyst and commentator. He started being a panelist for ABC Sunday's news program called "This Week" in 1990. Kristol also became a columnist for Time magazine in 2007. He had a history of being incorrect on information with his columns. His very first column misattributed a quote to Michelle Malkin (American conservative journalist) that was actually made by Michael Medved (American radio show host, commentator, and film critic).

In the recent Donald Sterling issue, Kristol commented that the reaction and uproar towards Sterling remarks were "hysterical" on This Week's panel.

According to one of Kristol's statements in the show, "Everyone goes hysterical over two or three sentences," Kristol continued. "Private organizations can deal with, private businesses can fire people, I suppose." as reported by Jack Mirkinson in Huffington Post.

Negative reactions flooded comments' sections about Kristol's defense of Sterling.

"Kristol speaks on yet another topic that he knows nothing about. I can't remember the last time that Bill Kristol was correct on any issue put before him." commented Karl Hildebrand in Huffington Post's report.

In the same thread, David Christensen added "To be fair, Kristol has been known to be wrong nearly 100% of the time."

"Bill Kristol as been on the wrong side of every issue for the past two decades. There's no reason for him to break that streak over this." said Patrick F.

"Put glasses and a bowtie on Bill Kristol and what do you get? George Will. The RW pundits are all the same: faux intellectualism spouted by anti-intellectual conservatives. They are like people who don't even have the talent to fingerpaint giving university lectures about the history of Renaissance art." said dommyluc, reader from The Raw Story's post.

More readers and viewers shared the same thoughts about Kristol's analysis. His words instantly backfired and he now seems to suffer the same lambasting Sterling got for the racist remarks. 

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