Bill Clinton's Infidelity Used by Israeli Prime Minister as Blackmail Tool—Reports

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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton gives a keynote address at a conference on "inclusive capitalism" in London
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton gives a keynote address at a conference on "inclusive capitalism" organised by the City of London, in London May 27, 2014. REUTERS

It's no secret that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky did some things they should not have done. But a new book is coming out on Bill Clinton and his sexual romps and exploits with Monica Lewinsky and other women. Not only this, the book even details how these sexual romps and calls were taped and overheard by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who used them as a blackmail tool.

Radar Online reports that a new book entitled "Clinton Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine" by Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper is claiming that Bill Clinton's secret sex life may have been used as a way to secure the release of American Jonathan Pollard, who was a spy for Israelis.

Lookinig back, Clinton did request for Pollard's release even though this lobby was vetoed by the CIA Director.

Aside from this juicy bit, the book also asserts Lewinsky is hardly the only mistress of Clinton. Moreover, the steamy phone calls were not only heard by the "blackmailing" Israeli Prime Minister but also by the British and Russians.

Halper claims the book is legit and authentic. All things written were sourced from the work done by a group of lawyers as well as investigators hired by Lewinsky herself so that she would have legal defense in case action was taken against the former president.

"Foreign spies weren't the only ones who knew about the couple's phone sex," the book states.

Clinton was hardly shy about his sexual escapades then! The book said Clinton bragged about his sexual prowess a lot.

The book shared the former president bragged about his womanising ways in a chat with Yale classmate Mack McLarty claiming, "When I was in high school I was a fat kid in overalls, and now all the want to f**k me," Radar Online quotes from the book.

Hilary Clinton was naturally angry about this affair with Lewinsky. But not for the reasons that people think. A jealous wife she is not!

"It wasn't that he was f**king someone else. It was that he got caught and so rubbed her nose in it," a senior Clinton aid shared to Halper.

Hilary Clinton, however, as reported by Belfast Telegraph already moved on from this issue a long, long time ago. She does not have any grudge against Monica or Bill at all.

"I can't characterise her, that wouldn't be right. I'm just grateful that I made the choices I made, to move forward and from that I've had an extraordinary set of opportunities and experiences."

"Forgiveness is a hard choice," she shared. "It's liberating to be able to reach the point in your life where you feel you can forgive. Everybody feels they have been trespassed upon and nearly everybody has trespassed on somebody else, maybe not intentionally."

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