Bill Clinton Photobomb of Kelly Clarkson and Other ‘Ruined Moments’ [PHOTOS]

See another inauguration photobomb, of-and-by the Obamas


The Bill Clinton photobomb of Kelly Clarkson has gone viral across social networks. But there has been no proof of intention, or lack thereof, to ruin "a moment like this." The still image was grabbed from a video footage of President Barack Obama's inauguration on Monday.

Bill Clinton Photobomb of Kelly Clarkson from Footage, Accidentally Funny? (Image from U.S. Presidential Inauguration coverage)

"Peekaboo! Kelly Clarkson gets 'photo bombed' by Bill Clinton as she performs at Obama Inauguration," says a Daily Mail headline.

American Idol Season 1 champ Kelly Clarkson was photobombed by former U.S. president Bill Clinton at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. (Photo: Clarkson/Twitter)

The Bill Clinton photobomb is not the only reason Clarkson has been drawing raves since Monday. She sang live while Beyonce opted for a pre-recorded number at the last minute, according to the Daily Mail. Obviously pleased with her moment at the inauguration, Clarkson took to Twitter to share with fans her feelings about the live performance for about 40 million telly audience.

"Wow ....I was incredibly nervous and cold ha!" Clarkson tweeted. She followed it up with a joke, tweeting, "I just wanna officially thank President Obama for opening for me haha! Just kidding."

If, for any reason, you're only reading about "photobomb" for the first time, you could see from these sample photos what it means. A photo that could have otherwise looked normal is "bombed" by an unexpected and distracting (often funny) extra presence. See some more photobomb samples by clicking on the accompanying slideshow.

If you're wondering whether Michele Obama's "reaction" to a speech by Republican House Speaker John Boehner was a photobomb, no it isn't. It's just a subjective image that has been made unnecessarily controversial by some viewers, i.e. she may have been reacting to a totally different subject. But the Clinton-Clarkson photobomb is not the only moment-gone-wrong at the inauguration. Here is an inauguration photobomb of-and-by the Obamas, as posted to Reddit.

Michelle and Barack Obama Get 'Photobombed' (Photo: Reddit)

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Photobomb of Kelly Clarkson Goes Viral, Image Taken from Inauguration Footage

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