Bill Clinton Hopes Manny Pacquiao Steps Up Political Career; Boxing Champ to Show Killer Instinct on Bradley Fight

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Philippines Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao did his regular appearance on the American late night show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on April 2 to promote his upcoming fight with the 'undefeated' Timothy Bradley on April 12. Former US President Bill Clinton also appeared in the show hopes Pacquiao to step up in the political ladder.

Pacquiao has been a well-received guest when appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show every time he promotes his fight. But his Wednesday appearance was different because he was not alone. Former President Clinton preceded the boxing legend and also created hype in the show.

The former US president praised Pacquiao for his eight titles as well as his capacity to become a good leader. Pacquiao is currently a congressman in the province Sarangani in the Philippines. Sarangani is about 1660 Kilometers south of Manila, capital of Philippines.

Ex-president Clinton also hopes that the boxing sensation will step up on his political career because he is a great role model.

"He's already in the Philippine parliament and I hope he goes right on up the ladder, I think he's a great guy and a great role model and he's very strong and honest," expressed the former US President.

The ex-president also hopes that he can watch Pacquiao's match which will happen on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

More on the Kimmel show, the host asked Pacquiao about what the former president suggested. He waved the thought and said he is now focusing on his work as a congressman in Sarangani. The talk show host joked that Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee could make a "power couple" like the Clintons if Jinkee would also run for a higher position in the Philippines soon. Jinkee is presently the governor of Sarangani. Pacquiao dismissed it saying that is far way to go.

As for Bradley bragging that he deserved the win on their first match and his comment that the boxing superstar has loss his killer instinct, Pacquiao pointed out that it was his pride and ego telling him that.

Pacquiao does not promise a knock out but he assured to show his killer instinct.

"I'm not thinking about the knockout, if the knockout comes it will come. What my focus is more aggressiveness, more throwing punches. I want to prove to him that my killer instinct is always there."

The fight this April is a rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley following the June 2012 bout where Bradley won in a split decision. Though, many claim that it was one of the most controversial win in the history of boxing.

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