Bill Clinton Admits Investigating UFOs When He Was President

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Bill Clinton Admits Investigating UFOs When He Was President
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton begins a discussion for the opening plenary session titled "The Age of Participation" on the first day of the 2014 Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, March 21, 2014. Reuters

In a candid interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Bill Clinton has admitted he had his aides investigate what the government knew about aliens and UFOs when he was president. He discussed about the movie "Independence Day" hoping the first alien encounter is not hostile.

The interview started off on regular topics like how young Americans are volunteering more today than in the 1960s. Then the question came about his access to the UFO files when he was president.

At the start of his second term was the anniversary of Roswell, a place where a UFO is supposed to have crashed and the government has covered it up. His first priority was to ensure there were no dead aliens in Area 51, as shown in the popular movie "Independence Day."

He later had his aides examine all the papers related to UFOs and found no evidence of their existence. When asked if he would actually tell people if he had knowledge of aliens, he said he would. He was  hopeful that the day may come when we find out that we are not alone in the universe.

He explained there were billions of planets in the universe and that he won't be surprised if we get visited by aliens one day. But he hoped that the visit is not like the movie "Independence Day."

He added perhaps an alien threat would make the difference and seems trivial and unites everyone on earth. He also joked that he would forget all the mean things news anchor Bill O'Reilly said to him when faced with an alien threat.

The interview then shifted to other topics, including the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for president in the upcoming 2016 elections. Clinton said he will not run for the vice president's post because it will violate the spirit of the Constitution. The vice president of the U.S can become the president under certain circumstances.

When the anchor asked about him being called the first "African American" president, he said he felt happy when he is called that but did not deserve any credit for not being racially prejudiced. He claimed it was just the way he was raised. UFO enthusiasts may be disappointed after hearing his answers.  Click here to see the full interview.

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