Bikini Diets dominate people in Britain: Survey

More than a Holiday, People Found a New Partner as a Motivation to Lose Weight
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Student Georgina Sapak sunbathes on the beach during a hot summer day
Student Georgina Sapak sunbathes on the beach during a hot summer day by the Brighton pier in southern England July 23, 2014. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY TRAVEL) Reuters

A new survey conducted by the health and fitness brand Fitbit revealed that more than half the population has taken to diets and exercises to lose weight and get into shape for the next holiday. People see summer holidays as a time to flaunt their toned and shapely bodies.

The survey discovered that those residing in the North of England were most likely follow the bikini diet which is very popular among Londoners. There was an urge among most of the people to shed some pounds and look thin. Women more specifically wanted a bikini body to enjoy the weather, the beach and their toned bodies.

They found that though there was a rise of male celebrity like the "James Bond" star Daniel Craig and "X Men" actor Hugh Jackman only 49 percent of the men were on some sort of a diet scheme to shape up for the vacations but there was a greater turn out in the women, with nearly 64 percent admitting to be highly concerned about their beach bodies. They were on a pre holiday health kick.

The research went on to show that more than an approaching holiday a new partner was a greater motivation for people to lose weight. Both men and women stated that a new partner gave them motivation to become thin and look good.

About a quarter of the women surveyed said that a holiday was highly motivating for them to get fit and lose some weight as that is the time they could wear a bikini. While another 28 percent held different views, contrastingly they said that a new partner motivated them much more than a holiday to get into shape. 14 percent of the people differed from the others and said a social event like a wedding was more likely to motivate them to get fit and a 4 percent admitted that more than all the other reasons, a new job drove them towards a weight loss regime.  

While the majority stated that holidays were their motivation, a third of the Brits confessed that it was hard to stick to a diet and an exercise regime while on a holiday. The drive to lose weight differed greatly between age groups as well, nearly 40% of the people over fifty said that they find it hard to stick to  healthy habits while on a vacation.

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