‘The Biggest Loser Australia’ Trainer Michelle Bridges Defends Show Over Unnatural Weight Loss Claims

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“The Biggest Loser Australia” trainer Michelle Bridges is defending the show from claims that it promotes “quick fix” for contestants who wanted to lose weight. The uproar began when the U.S. version’s winner, Rachel Frederickson, lost 72 kg in just a few months.

Frederickson weighed 118 kg when she started in the show in October. When the show ended in February, the 24-year-old surprised viewers when she came out weighing only 47.6 kg, about 60 per cent less of her original weight.

Her shocking weight loss was met with criticisms from viewers who thought she became too emaciated.

Some people also claim that the show only promote dangerous rapid weight loss, which the contestants wouldn’t be able to maintain once their stay in the show ends.

But Bridges doesn’t agree. As a trainer in the show since season 2, the 43-year-old personal trainer and author said that the show even helps extend the life of obese people.

“Their life expectancy is better. Seriously, you can refute that,” she told The Telegraph.

“There are people who are no longer taking medication for blood pressure, they are no longer taking medication for diabetes, in some instances they are no longer taking medication for depression, their knees are better, their backs are better, the risk of heart attack and stroke has all been reduced.”

Don’t expect Bridges to watch her own show, though.

“I am so busy I don’t spend that much time watching television,” she explained.

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