Big Sean, Ariana Grande Hook-Up: Naya Rivera’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

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Cast Member Naya Rivera Attends the 100th Episode Celebration of 'Glee' in West Hollywood
Cast member Naya Rivera attends the the 100th episode celebration of Glee in West Hollywood, California, March 18, 2014. REUTERS

Naya Rivera shocked everyone when she tied the knot with Ryan Dorsey in a secret wedding ceremony in July, just months after her engagement with Big Sean was called off. The newlyweds made their first official appearance as a married couple on Tuesday, August 12 at Justin's Timberlake concert. Naya was looking happy, radiant and very much in love. However, a new report claims that Naya is hurting a lot over reports that Ariana Grande and Big Sean are seeing each other.

Hollywood Life reports that Naya Rivera has 'definitely' moved on from her relationship with Big Sean, but still the news of Ariana and her ex-fiance dating does not sit well with her.

It turns out that she apparently always suspected that Big Sean was cheating on her with Ariana. These new reports make her feel as if her worst nightmare has come true. Even though there are no proofs that Sean and Ariana were already seeing each other while Naya was still in the picture, the former Glee star is said to be suffering from conflicting emotions over this news.

"Naya was trying to keep it together and have fun at the concert but she was really upset because of the news about Sean and Ariana. She kept bringing it up," a source said to Hollywood Life.

In the past, Sean has denied the news that he is cheating on her, but now the news of Sean and Ariana hooking-up seems to confirm Naya's doubts.  

"Sean would tell her she was crazy and jealous, he swore to her that Ariana was just a friend, he even said she was like a little sister. Naya feels like this is proof that she was right all along and Sean was hooking up with Ariana. She doesn't want him back, but it's still a huge wound and she's hurt and she's angry," the source said to Hollywood Life.

According to reports, Ariana and Big Sean were spotted getting cozy with each other after they came out watching the horror movie, "The Purge." Hollywood Life reported them kissing as well.

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