Big Plans for Xbox 720, Infinity Games to Feature Halo 5, Destiny & Mystery Game from EA?


Halo 4 has held quite a following, and ever since the official news of a Halo 5 was announced early this year by franchise head Frank O' Connor, many rumors have been circulating since then.

iDigital Times reports that it didn't stop there, as versions for the next-gen platforms have also been teased to be part of the Halo 5 franchise.

Considering that the May 21 Microsoft date is nearing, speculations have been in overdrive as to whether or not the Halo 5 will be among the launch titles to be revealed on that date.

iDigital Times adds that, given Halo's track record of yearly releases and reveals since it first debuted in 2001, chances are the Halo 5 will be out this year--but the question is when.

Bungie for Xbox 720 gets teaser moon images

The latest teaser images to be delivered by Destiny by Bungie, the game from the same people behind Halo and Call of Duty, showcase the Earth's moon.

Its first set of images show an abandoned Earth--though it feels more like a ruined one, rather than abandoned, if you look at the foliage and ruins in the shots.

According to SlashGear, the overall feel of the images give off apocalyptic atmosphere, as though new creatures that have taken over the world are just bound to come out.

In the latest moon images, you can see the hellmouth, a gaping hole on one side of the moon, which looks more structured than your normal collapsing sink hole, begging the question of who did the digging and what can be found when you explore inside.

Graphics-wise, you can see there's a lot to expect from Destiny, and you may get a first look when it releases alongside the Xbox 720 this holiday season.

You can expect this game to land in the PS3 and PC sometime in 2014, a few months after it releases for the next-gen Xbox 720.

Two studios may have big plans for next-gen Xbox

With its May 21 just a week from today, more news about possible launch titles coming to the Xbox 720 and to be revealed on the said date are cropping up.

Digital Spy reports that a contest has been held on Twitter, tapping followers to discuss the following subjects @EA, @Xbox, @PlayXBLA, and @Turn10, with the prize being an entrance to the briefing at the E3 2013 next month.

The contests closes on May 20, just a day shy of Microsoft's Xbox 720 event. Announcements of the winners as well as details may be given on May 21.

According to The Examiner, EA will be releasing Battlefield 4, a Mass Effect game, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, and Star Wars titles, so any of those may be a possible addition to the Xbox 720 title lineup as well.

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