‘Big Brother’ U.S. Edition Houseguest Caleb Reynolds’ Alleged Racist and Homophobic Instagram Post Found

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The U.S. edition of “Big Brother” has not yet started, and yet it already is accused of having a racist houseguest. Caleb Reynolds is already making headlines ahead of the show’s premiere after his social media posts from two years ago were found.

Caleb, 26, an adventure hunting guide from Kentucky, is one of the 16 houseguests (as what housemates are called in the U.S.) of the show’s 16th season. After they were introduced on June 19, the Netizens immediately did their own research about the individual cast members, and some of the things that they found out about Caleb aren’t positive.

A thread starter on Jokers Updates Big Brother forum posted a screenshot of Caleb’s alleged official Instagram account, in which the upcoming reality show star expressed his sentiments about gays and that “Muslim monkey in office,” referring to President Barack Obama.

“Yeah for Obama he gets to shred this country apart for another 4 years only god can help us now!!!” the screenshot of the text, posted in 2012, read.

“You believe in murder in murder? You agree with fags? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed…

“Also if you could see straight and wasn’t color blind the map if the US is completely red, thank god he only gets 4 more years. You and the other democrats will wish you never voted for him soon. Good job,” (all sic) he replied to a commenter.

Another poster from the forum added a YouTube video of him and his friends shooting a coyote repeatedly. The video has since been removed.

Caleb’s apparent use of the slur word often directed at gay people and his description of their country’s first black president have been getting on the nerves of some commenters, who call him a homophobe and racist.

If the Instagram account is truly Caleb’s, it’s a bit surprising that the producers still chose him to join the cast. The show had received a lot of flak in the past season after some of the houseguests were caught on camera using racist and homophobic slurs.

Those who have been caught uttering offensive language have been fired from their job, investigated by the police or have been publicly admonished by their employers.

The 16th season of “Big Brother” U.S. edition will premiere on June 25.

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