Big Brother UK Season 15 (2014) is a Hoax: Fans Blame Show of 'Fixing'; Wayne Rooney’s Lover Helen Wood to Face Police Interrogation

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 "Big Brother UK" Season 15 (2014) is only two weeks old and it is already being accused of being fixed. Angry fans are not too happy with the verdict of granting housemate Helen Wood a pass to the finals of the show leading fans to believe that the season may just be a hoax. Furthermore, according to the latest update, "Big Brother UK" Season 15 (2014) housemate Helen Wood will reportedly face police interrogation when she exits the "Big Brother" house. Read on to find out the details.

Former escort and present "Big Brother UK" 2014 housemate Helen Wood is creating quite a buzz already. She has been warned of her controversial behaviour for 14 times already in past two weeks, according to Daily Star. Fights involving her and other housemate Danielle McMahon also led to red alert in the house.

Despite her demeaning attitude towards others and misbehaviour, Helen Wood has been given pass to the "Big Brother UK" 2014 finals. In the wake of such a controversy, "Big Brother bosses have been accused of 'fixing' a win for former escort contestant Helen Wood," according to UK's Mirror.

"Fans on Twitter and social media have cried foul over the ex Wayne Rooney vice girl's advantage - a stunt that has never been deployed on the reality series before," reads the report.

On Friday night episode, Helen's fellow housemate Pauline Bennett was asked to pick one contestant for the place in finals. Pauline responded saying: "The person I'm going to pick, people are going to kill me for this ... is Helen."

Some fans believe that the reason why Helen is being "protected" by the showrunners is to acquire ratings during the FIFA World Cup 2014, notes the Web site. The recent development on Power Trip themed "Big Brother" has enraged the fans.

A fan wrote on Twitter:

Helen Wood is reportedly going to face police interrogation. Because of "offences of her fugitive ex-boyfriend Louis Larsson" the reality star will have to go through police screening, according to the List. Her ex was reportedly involved in firearms offence. After being taken in the custody he violated the bail rules and ran off to Morocco and Cyprus. The Web site notes that the police want to confirm if she was also involved in the crime.

In the past Helen Wood was associated with Wayne Rooney. It is reported that she was involved in threesome with England soccer player Wayne Rooney in 2010. As per the free pass that she obtained last week, Helen Wood has become one of the finalists in Channel 5's "Big Brother UK" Season 15 (2014) finals.

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