Big Brother Season 16 Episode 12 Recap – Head of Households Selected

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The wait is over and the Head of Households have been selected in "Big Brother" Season 16 Episode 12. Some house members maybe happy with the outcome but one house member was definitely worried.

Zach and Amber almost stole it away from Cody and Frankie, but the boys emerged as the winners ultimately in a nail biting finish. According to Entertainment Weekly, Cody and Frankie were selected as the Head of Households after placing 12 eggs safely in their designated place in the competition.

The next question on the minds of all contestants is who will be nominated next? Alliances are made broken and remade in "Big Brother" Season 16. The house member who is feeling the most unsafe from nomination is Brittany. She shares her fears with fellow contestant Donny Thompson. The Bomb Squad is still going strong but Brittany was not part of that alliance. Donny is friends with Frankie and Cody but he too may not be safe for long.

In some light moments in the show Cody and Frankie both get pictures from their families. Frankie still wants to hide his relationship with his celebrity sister Ariana Grande. He is happy that the pictures sent were of his sister and him as children. The house members cried when Frankie read Ariana's letter out loud but did not realize who "Ari" really is. Frankie tore up the letter from Ariana later. Will he be able to conceal this information till the end of "Big Brother" Season 16?

The Team America alliance got a mission to send a "physical threat" to the chopping block. Derrick and Frankie decide that Amber is the biggest female physical threat in the house. Brittany tells Frankie that Cody will send her to the chopping block for not flirting with him. Frankie shares this with Cody. When Cody confronts Brittany about it she says that she "just threw a comment out there."

There was little surprise when Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany. Frankie nominated Amber and Jacosta. Frustrated Amber approached Christine to form an alliance of the girls along with Nicole.

The Battle of the Block this time was a chess game. The game resulted with Frankie getting dethroned and Cody emerging as the new Head of Household. The complicated relationship of Cody, Amber and Caleb continued in "Big Brother" Season 16 episode 12. Caleb spent time chatting with Frankie when Cody and Amber locked themselves together in a room.

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