‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 2 Update and Spoilers: Kyle Leaves, Allison Enters; Ika is New HOH, Forms New Alliance?

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Kyle gets evicted in week 2 of the famous reality show franchise, the "Big Brother Canada" Season 2. Allison enters the house as an official houseguest while Ika won the HOH challenge which made her the new Head of Household.

Kyle was out of the house after being nominated side by side with Paul in the week 2 of the famous reality show. The 24-year-old personal trainer stay in the house was cut short after getting a 9-1 vote.

In the previous days, winner of HOH Andrew had nominated Paul and Neda for eviction. But after winning the Power of Veto, Kenny used it to remove Neda from the block which put Kyle as a nomination replacement. Kyle has been so emotional and started to express his resignation to the game. It also seemed that everyone would like to kick Kyle out of the house in the "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 live feeds.

Kyle is the second evictee in this season of "Big Brother Canada" following Anick.

"Big Brother Canada" 2 fans also looked forward to the new official houseguest from last week's mystery houseguests who stayed in the house war room for a week. Three mystery houseguests enter the house and need to garner enough viewers' votes to be declared as official houseguest. Only one of them will be part of the original contestants.

The results are out and Allison enters the house after garnering the highest percentage of votes. The 25-year-old registered nurse bested two others, the medical secretary and drag queen Scoot and the metal sheet fabricator Nate. Scott gets the most attention among the three in the past week so Allison's winning came as a surprise.

Allison enters the house with Big Brother's condition that she will not let other houseguests know about the secret room in the house.

Meanwhile, "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 live feeds also revealed that the hairstylist houseguest Ika won the HoH challenge which made her the new Head of Household. [WARNING: SPOILER HERE!]

Now the question is who will Ika put in the eviction list? Earlier today, Ika told her strong ally Neda that maybe it is time to team up with Paul and Adel to bring the other guys out. If this alliance will work, the house will be divided into two strong alliances, the first was the former and the other is Andrew's.

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