‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 2 Spoilers and Recaps: Paul and Heather Still on for Eviction; Adel Wins Special Power

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After winning the "Big Brother Canada" Season 2's Head of Household challenge, Ika put Paul and Heather in the nominations list. The two remained in the block when HOH Ika won the Power of Veto challenge and did not use the POV to remove anyone from the list.

It was a smooth week for Ika after a back-to-back win of the two most powerful challenges in "Big Brother Canada" 2. The houseguest chose not to deal with replacement nominations and settled with her original nominations in the POV ceremony held earlier today. Paul, who was nominated week after week in the show's running, and Heather, whom thought Ika nominated as a pawn, remained on the block for eviction.

"Big Brother Canada" 2 spoilers seemed to show that Heather is going out of the house this week.

On week 2, Andrew was the HOH and nominated Paul and Neda for eviction. Kenny won the POV challenge, removed Neda from the block and put Kyle as a replacement nomination. At the end of the week, Kyle went home in a 9-1 vote. The house was also shocked with Allison coming in the house as an official houseguest. [WARNING: SPOILERS HERE!]

Allison's presence in the house creates tension to Andrew and Sabrina's budding relationship. It was on Saturday when Andrew said to Sabrina that he is into her. Now that Andrew can be seen having good moments with Allison, Sabrina gets jealous. Sabrina and Andrew did a heart to heart talk and Sabrina said starting that day they'll just be friends.

On Monday, Big Brother gave a challenge that will give the winner a special power in the house. The house went crazy after the announcement to gather a good number of hashtag used. Some ran in the house naked, some did crazy haircut and hair waxing, some started twerking and pumping. All of the housemates were then asked to take a photo and video of their hashtag entries. When the 12 hour challenge was over, Adel won.

Adel won a ticket to the Power of Veto challenge in case he was not picked to play. He the talked with Ika and they decided about making a story out of the special power and say the award has something to do with changing the nominations.

Meanwhile, Ika said that she wanted Adel to win the HOH challenge so he will put Andrew and Kenny in the list and she can stay relaxed and watch. Andrew and Kenny are apparently, the strongest of alliance in this season of "Big Brother Canada".

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