'Big Brother Canada' Season 2 Spoilers and Recaps: Andrew Leaves, Heather is HOH, Goodbye First 5?

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Andrew Gordon, the 27-year-old restaurant manager, leaves the house on a 7-2 vote making him the fifth houseguest to be evicted in "Big Brother Canada" 2. Heather is Week 6's Head of House Hold (HOH).

Earlier this week, Canada HOH put Andrew and Sabrina in the block of nominees for eviction. With Canada's voting results, all the houseguest is clear on who will go home this week. It was seen how Andrew submitted to losing his slot in "Big Brother Canada" 2 without trying to fight for it. Andrew's reason is that he does not want to campaign against Sabrina. Andrew said he love the girl and does not want to go against her. Andrew and Sabrina involved in a series of 'showmances' earlier on the show especially before the mystery houseguest Allison gets inside the house.

Also on Week 5, Kenny came out to Sarah being gay. He said he acts straight as a strategy to woe girls who will help his game play but he is dying inside if he won't tell anyone about it. Sarah was a little bit surprised and accepted him wholeheartedly. The two can be seen in the live feeds having conversations of Kenny's gay life when they are alone.

As for Andrews’s eviction here are the votes each houseguest casted: Arlie, Heather, Neda, Rachelle, Jon, Adel and Sarah voted to evict Andrew; Kenny and Allisson voted to evict Sabrina.

The results of the HOH challenge are also out on the live feeds. Heather won and this gives her the power to put houseguests on the block of nominees for eviction for week six. The challenge is 'True or False' game. The houseguest who gets the correct answer has the power to eliminate a player from the game. On the first rounds Kenny eliminated Adel, Neda eliminated Kenny, Heather eliminated Sabrina, Jon eliminated Allison and eventually Heather outwit all the houseguest left and she was declared the new HOH.

With Andrew leaving the house and Heather winning the HOH, the "First Five" alliance (Kenny, Arlie and Andrew, Sarah and Sabrina plus Allison and Rachelle) is now below the pit. It will be hard for them to claim back dominance in the coming weeks unless the table will be turned back.

Meanwhile, Adel may feel safe and secured now as the houseguest will not know about his fake veto card. From being the underdog, the happenings seem to favor of the Deli. The events will probably give Adel a good standing for several weeks in "Big Brother Canada" 2.

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