‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Update: Twist of Twists–Adel, Arlie Replace Sabrina, Rachelle for Eviction; New Alliance Rises

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This week of "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 has the most exciting veto ceremony as of the show's running. From Sabrina and Rachelle, the block for eviction was passed to Arlie and Adel. While Arlie's backdoor is way expected, Adel on the block came to be a little unexpected.

On Thursday last week, Jon won the HOH and nominated Sabrina and Rachelle for eviction. Jon's winning streak continued to the Power of Veto challenge. After which, Jon schemed with Neda to backdoor Allison. All in the house was on bard in voting Allison out. Allison was not aware of the plan but has felt that there is scheming behind her back. Allison later breaks out and cried while drunk and told Heather and Neda how Jon cannot be trusted. She seemed desperate and bitter on things while expressing herself to the girls. Heather and Neda were somehow swept. Though, it was not sure if Allison's breakout had a bearing on the quick change of plan.

Neda convinced Jon to backdoor Arlie instead. She said Arlie was a strong player and may have tainted reputation when it comes to loyalty. And so they were on board so as the other house guests. Comes the veto ceremony. Jon removed Rachelle off the block and put Arlie as replacement. Arlie's backdoor was played as if the other house guests have no idea that Jon was going to put him there.

The next scene was a surprise. Allison took out her scarlet veto which she won for finding the secret door and removed Sabrina out of the block. Jon was forced to put Adel on the block. Allison scarlet veto surprised everyone asking her where she got it and she just said she can't tell them about it.

The nomination for week 7 was complete. While Adel seemed relaxed and confident that he was just a pawn, Arlie was campaigning hard to further his stay. He started to form an alliance with Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison (called Arlie's Angels). It seemed working a hundred percent. And everyone in the alliance seemed on board that a 2-3 vote in favour of Arlie can be expected in Thursday. It would be goodbye Deli and a start of the other alliance's downfall. Though, things may be come unpredicted in "Big Brother Canada" 2 week after week.

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