'Big Brother Canada' 2 Update: Allison Plays No Veto on POV Ceremony, Arlie Tells Sarah He Flips, Sabrina Cries

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The official nominees for eviction are out! Sarah and Allison were on the block after Kenny played his Power of Veto (POV) in "Big Brother Canada" 2 Week 6 POV ceremony earlier. Allison, however, did not use her secret Veto.

Meanwhile, Arlie told Sarah he's flipping sides and Sabrina cried to everyone that she's not mean after Allison pointed out that everyone thinks she's mean and is a back stabber.

Head of Household Heather is true to her words by putting up Sarah on the block after Kenny played his POV. Sarah's nomination opened a new door for Arlie to admit to her that he is flipping sides. Sarah and Arlie are part of the First Five alliance, the alliance that is responsible for the eviction of all the house guests evicted before Andrew. Arlie and Sarah are both close to Jon and are both playing it smooth by floating in the middle of two alliances. Sarah though has been more loyal to the First Five.

Sarah then went to tell Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle that Arlie is flipping. She also stressed not to tell Arlie that she told them. They then began commenting about Arlie's betrayal. Sarah raised up the idea that only if Andrew is a little kinder and gentler, it could have not turned Jon and Arlie off.

When Arlie vowed his loyalty to the other alliance which they jokingly called the 'Hand J's' (Jon, Adel, Neda, Heather, Allison), he told them about the First Five alliance and their game play.

On the veto ceremony, Allison did not play her secret veto this time. The girl who is also shown flipping side is confident that she will not go home this week with her new found alliance. The scope of her veto was not yet revealed.

Meanwhile, Sabrina cried hard telling Allison that she was hurt to know that Allison is with the side that hates her and Andrew. Allison said she needs it to further her game. Allison also told Sabrina about her backstabbing (especially to her and Heather) and her being mean. She said everyone in the house think Sabrina is mean. This stirred drama and Sabrina is shown going to the house guests trying to say that she is not mean and she did not say bad things to anyone in the house. She said they will see once they come out and watch this at home.

The possibility of a double eviction in "Big Brother Canada" 2 is a popular talk among the fans and the viewers of the famous reality show. The house guests are also talking game on what to do if ever this week will be a double eviction.

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