'Big Brother Canada' 2 Update: Adel Gets Evicted; Sabrina Wins HOH

By @jenillecristy on

Adel Elseri, the 27-year-old welder, was evicted in a 2-0 vote in week 9 of "Big Brother Canada" 2. Sabrina is the new Head of Household.

As planned, Adel went home and become the fifth member of the jury. Adel was placed on the block as a replacement nominee after Heather won the veto and removed herself from the block. Adel went head to head with Sabrina in wooing the house guests not to vote to evict them. Jon and Neda talked on who they will send out to better their chance on the final two. Jon was convinced that it is better to get rid of Sabrina.

Obviously, Jon's argument is rooting to the thought that if Adel stays and win the challenges he would bring him to the final two. Though, Neda insisted that it is better to get rid of Adel as they have better chance of winning with Sabrina. Though a little pissed, Jon submitted to Neda's argument and campaigned to Heather that they should vote to evict Adel. Jon and Neda told Heather that Adel wad the one that want her out. Obviously, they were lying as they are the one who wanted to evict Heather to enhance their game.

And so the results came out, Adel went home with Neda and Heather voting to evict him. Sabrina was excited to know that she was in the final four. It was quite an achievement to her being the most hated house guest to stay this long and even longer. Sabrina won the HOH in a tie breaker against Heather and Neda. This granted her another week to stay and maybe a spot in the final two if things will run smoothly for her.

For week 10, Sabrina will nominate two house guests for eviction. The Power of Veto will be very important in this point of the competition as this will be the only way that he or she can remove himself or herself off the block and compete for the final 2 spot which will take a week or twp from now.

The finale of the famous franchise is set to end soon. When there are only two house guests left, The jury composed of evicted house guests Arlie, Allison, Rachelle, Adel and the two other house guests who will be evicted soon with Canada as the 7th member, will decide on who will be the big winner of "Big Brother Canada" Season 2.

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