'Big Brother Canada' 2 Spoilers and Recap: Sarah and Allison Up For Eviction After Kenny Wins POV, Allison Opens Secret Door Wins Veto?

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After winning the Head of Household (HOH) for the Week 6 of "Big Brother Canada" 2, Heather put Kenny and Allison on the block for eviction. But the tables turned to Sarah when Kenny won the Power of Veto (POV). Meanwhile, Allison opens the secret door and wins a veto.

Last week, Heather proved other house guests that she can outwit them all by winning the True or False HOH competition. She almost won the POV challenge as well but a wrong letter in her spelling of wishful caused her loss. Kenny won the POV and is expected to play it on the POV ceremony to remove himself off the block.

Also last week, Andrew left the house after Canada put him and Sabrina on the block. His eviction was a loss for the First 5 alliance (Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie and Sabrina plus Rachelle and Allison). Andrew though made sure that the alliance would stay strong despite his leaving. The restaurant manager from Calgary might be a little disappointed to know way back home that his once strong alliance is starting to crumble.

This week, Allison is flipping sides by making deals with Heather especially with Jon and his other allies. Sabrina was seen campaigning for Sarah to be a replacement nominee when Kenny plays his veto. Rachelle promises Heather that she won't put her if she wins HOH; in return. Heather would not put her up but can put someone she loves instead. Though, the First Five alliance also tried to convince Heather to take a big move and put big players like Jon instead.

After the POV challenge, the tables turned to Sarah. Sarah is the most likely to be put on the block against Allison. This came out in several conversations of the house guests. Heather also said that Sarah will go up and promises Allison that she will stay.

Meanwhile, "Big Brother Canada" 2 may unravel a twist of twists this week as Allison did a secret task and won a veto. Big Brother asked Allison to find the secret door in the house using a riddle as her clue. Allison was able to find the door and won herself a veto. Though, it what the veto can do is not yet revealed.

Outside the house, some fans expect Week 6 of "Big Brother Canada" 2 to be a double eviction.

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