‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Spoilers and Recap: Jon Wins POV, Leaves Nominations As Is; Kenny Confesses He's Gay

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The start of the week of "Big Brother Canada" 2 seemed to spark a roller coaster of events for the coming days. After being voted by Canada as nominees for eviction and Power of Veto (POV) Challenge, Andrew and Sabrina stays on the block. Jon won the POV but did not use it to remove either of the two on the nominations. While, Kenny comes out to Sarah being gay.

Andrew and Sabrina are two tough players in "Big Brother Canada" 2. Both are part of the alliance called the First 5 and had engaged in a series of showmances earlier in the show.

Jon won the POV challenge. Andrew started a discourse about Jon do not want to use it on him because he'd been wanting Andrew out since day one. He was crafting speech for the Veto ceremony.

Sabrina and Adel raised voices to each other after Sabrina confronted the man about saying that she is dumb and annoying.

Later Sabrina asked Andrew if he had asked Jon to use his Veto to him and he said no. She also asked what Adel said when he asked him about using his Veto. Adel previously won a veto ticket which he said had the power to remove someone from the nominations block and replace him with another but was actually it was a veto ticket to play the POV challenge in case he was not picked. Andrew said Adel said he wants to leave Canada's vote as is.

On the Veto ceremony, Jon did not use his Veto. Andrew was caught saying to a fellow housemate that Jon does not have to call him buddy anymore.

On the other hand, Kenny told Sarah about his secret. He confessed to Sarah of being gay and he doesn't think it is good to say it to everyone else in the house this early. The man said acting straight was his strategy to woo the girls in the competition to his own advantage. But he added that he must tell someone--in this case, Sarah--about it now or he may die. Kenny said that he would tell others in the right time.

The question now is how Kenny would go through his days in "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 after this confession.

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