'Big Brother Canada' 2 Spoilers and Recap: 'I'm Gay!' Kenny Reveals Secret to House Guests

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After revealing to Sarah that he is gay a couple of weeks ago, Kenny finally shared his true gender to all the house guests. Kenny hid his gender preference since day one of "Big Brother Canada" 2 until he shared it to Sarah and now to everyone in the house.

Kenny finally revealed his secret to the house guests! The bearded man shouted, "I'm gay!" during a fun time in the hot tub and all of the other house guests, except Sarah of course, was amazed!

The house has been calmed down a little. Both alliances First Five and Sloppy Seconds (jokingly called the Hand J's) have been open to each other on a conversation in the hot tub. They shared their game plans and supposed-to-be strategies and began to hangout like there was no bad blood or game feud or something.

Just when everyone starts opening secrets, Kenny started to spew his which he had been hiding since day one. The house was shocked! And everyone started to share their five cents on Kenny's confession.

All the house guests then came to give Kenny good words. Adel and some of the girls hugged him. Rachelle, who once said that maybe they were both on the house to set them up, couldn't believe the revelation. Kenny then told everyone that everything he told, especially his hang-ups with girls, is true except that he is reversing he into she.

Kenny's revelation has been a talk in the "Big Brother Canada" 2 house after. Adel and Neda had a conversation about being gay that leads to a weird question on man versus animals.

Fans has different speculations about Kenny's revelation. Some thought it was a strategy to further his game and he is playing the 'homophobe' card. Some thought it is so good of him to have finally came out. Whatever the interpretation is, the reason is for Kenny to know and for everyone to find out as his stay in the house progresses.

Meanwhile, Sarah campaigned to Neda to further her stay. Though, it seemed that Sarah's eviction was already decided by the Sloppy Seconds alliance. Allison also went to Jon and told him that she is happy to be their alliance but is not that confident as this is Big Brother. Sarah and Allison are both on the block this week after Heather put them. Kenny was first nominated along with Allison but removed himself off the block after he won Power of Veto (POV).

A double eviction is expected this week in "Big Brother Canada" 2. House guests have been talking about their plan in case a double eviction comes in surprise. Everyone is looking forward to Thursday's eviction.

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