‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Spoilers and Recap: Ika Wong Gets Evicted, Canada is New HOH

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Ika Wong, the 29 year-old hairstylist, got evicted in the fourth week of "Big Brother Canada" 2 getting a clean sweep of 8-1. A new twist has been added to the usual Head of House this week as there will be no more challenge as Canada will decide on whom to put in the nominations block.

Earlier this week, Rachelle put Ika as a replacement nominee after Alison won the Power of Veto challenge and used the power to remove herself from the block. Ika was backdoor by her girl alliance and everyone seemed to want her out of the house.

Upon knowing that she is up for eviction, Ika submitted to it and did not campaign to others so she can stay. Big Brother addressed her to fight for her slot but after an attempt to convince Kenny, she calmed down and enjoy her stay in the house instead.

As expected, Ika gets evicted with all the house guest except for Adel voted for her out. Though ousted out of the "Big Brother Canada" 2 house, Ika is lucky enough to go home with a cash price after winning a challenge. Ika won one of Big Brother's challenges and was given the chance to decide on what prize she would take with her--letters from house guests love ones or a cash prize. Ika decided to take the cash and shred the letters for the house guests. Other house guests watched Ika as she made her decision.

The week had been filled with drama. Rachelle was fed up on Andrew's obnoxious comments. Jon and Neda are seeking to widen alliance. But the highlight would be the fight that happened between Ika and Sabrina. Sabrina followed Ika and Adel to the hot tub when Ika asked about why she was there. The two engage on a short fight that Sabrina then told to other housemates.

Sabrina's manipulation on Rachelle's HOH was also apparent this week. Fans questions Rachelle's HOH decisions. Most noticed that it was Sabrina who has full control of the HOH this week--putting Allison and Heather and eventually putting up Ika as a replacement nominee.

Meanwhile on the fifth week of "Big Brother Canada" 2, a new twist is added on the nominations process. This week, Canada or the viewers of the show has the power of the Head of household. Canada will decide on who will go against whom for eviction.

Canada's HOH power is the second big twist in this season of "Big Brother Canada" 2 following the mysterious house guests.

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