‘Big Brother Canada’ 2: Sabrina Puts Jon, Heather on the Block; Jon Won Veto, Heather in Danger for Eviction?

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Head of Household (HOH) Sabrina put Jon and Heather on the block. Jon won the veto and is planning to remove himself off. The veto win also plays the most important part in the game as the winner will also decide who will be evicted. And live feeds suggest it will be Heather.

After Sabrina won the HOH, she had plot Jon's eviction with Neda and Heather. She thought an all-girl group in the final three will be epic. So she told Jon that he will be on the block. Unable to decide who she will put on the block with Jon, Sabrina asked Heather and Neda to play 'Paper, Rock, and Scissors'. Neda won so Heather was put on the block.

After the nominations, Big Brother let Garry Levy, "Big Brother Canada" Season 1's runner-up, inside the house to do Big Brother awards.

The following day, the house guests complained that they were bloated and sick. They blamed it to the food served on the awards night. Despite the house guests not feeling well, a Power of Veto challenge pursued that day. Jon won the veto and the plan of an all-girl group in the final three crashed.

Jon planned to remove himself off the block which means Neda will be the replacement nominee. He also talked to Heather that he will be voting to evict her. Heather took it and submitted to her eviction. On a talk with Sabrina, Heather said that as much as she needed the money, she do not want to campaign against Neda because she was very close to her. She even told Sabrina that Neda is her Rachelle. Sabrina agreed.

Neda and Jon alliance worked smoothly and if Heather is evicted and Sabrina won't win the three-part HOH, Neda and Jon will be the final two. Sabrina is starting to campaign this early as well that she must be taken in the final two over any other houseguests left.

This week is expected to be the last week of "Big Brother Canada" 2. After the final two will be chosen, these houseguests will go to a jury composed of evicted houseguests from Arlie as well as Canada. The houseguests that will be chosen by the jury will be the "Big Brother Canada" 2's winner.

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