‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Recap and Spoilers: Rachelle Diamond Gets Evicted, Jon is new HOH

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Rachelle Diamond left the house in 3-0 vote making her the fourth member of the jury (along with Arlie, Allison and Canada). Jon won the Head of Household (HOH) for Week 9 of "Big Brother Canada" 2.

After Allison left in the instant eviction, Adel won the HOH and put up Sabrina and Rachelle on the block. Neda won the Power of Veto and did not use it to take either of the nominees off the block. The scheme has been very obvious after the nomination stayed as is-Rachelle will be evicted over Sabrina. Rachelle submitted to her eviction and said her good luck to her closest houseguest this season.

Meanwhile, Jon and Neda, who seems to be the most powerful in duo houseguests left as of this day and who have a final 2 deal, told Sabrina that they will carry her up to the final 3 over Heather and Adel whom they promised a final 4 deal with. If everything will be a smooth flow to this duo, they will surely be the ones who will go head to head and win the jury vote.

Comes the eviction day, as expected Rachelle went out the house and join the jury. All voting houseguest (Neda, Jon and Heather) voted to evict her. Her eviction is followed by the HOH competition in which Jon won.

Winning the HOH, Jon seemed convinced that he and Neda can win this. Both are already planning what to do and who to nominate. Jon went to Adel and told him that Sabrina and Heather will be on the block. He told Adel that they will tell Heather that she is just a pawn but would actually target her comes eviction. So Obviously, Heather is in danger of going out and joining the jury.

Heather must win the veto then so she could take herself out and force Jon to put someone else. Obviously, it would be Adel.

Fans speculate on the possible scenario that will change the game from being too obvious. Some hope Adel wins veto and take Heather off the block which will force Jon to put Neda. Then Adel and Heather would vote her out. Jon can't compete in the HOH the week after so Adel and Heather has more power to evicting Jon before taking Sabrina out and be in the Final 2.

"Big Brother Canada" 2 finale is two weeks away.

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