‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Recap and Spoilers: Paul Jackson Gets Evicted, Rachelle Wins HOH; Who Will Be Week 4 Nominees?

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"Big Brother Canada" Season 2 three week nominee for eviction Paul Jackson was evicted from the house with a 6-4 vote. Rachelle won the HOH challenge and is up for casting her nominations for eviction.

"Big Brother Canada" Season 2 week 3 has been a rollercoaster of lies and truths as alliances forms and breaks. Ika won the HOH challenge which makes her the HOH and had the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction. The HOH put Paul, who has been nominated week after week, and Heather, who IKa said she put as a pawn. The truth is Ika is campaigning for Heather to get evicted for some reasons that can enhance the game play of her and her alliances. Ika also won the Power of Veto which gives her the power not to change her nominations.

Tough week it is as the campaign on who will go out is tough, the men and girl's alliances has been too guile in fishing for votes. The men want Paul out while the girl's want Heather to get evicted. And the turnout of events may not be a surprised to fans after all. Arlie, Kenny, Andrew, Sarah, Allison and Jon vote to evict Paul while Rachelle, Neda, Adel and Sabrina vote to evict Heather.

Week 4 HOH challenge tested the houseguests' endurance. Every house guest has to hold a panel on a stand. They do challenge while being pulled away on a pulley. Heather was the first person to be out of the game. Sabrina, Andrew and Adel followed. In the end, Rachelle won the challenge and is the new Head of Household. [Warning: Spoilers Here!]

The question on who will Rachelle put in the nominations block hangs on fans. Rachelle nominated Heather to be evicted from the house. The HOH winner also expressed her hate to Heather. Will these make Rachelle nominate her? Andrew and Kenny's alliance is believed to be strong too which Rachelle and her alliance thought should be put down the sooner so Andrew, or maybe Kenny, are possible nominees too.

Meanwhile, Adel won a challenge that gives him the power to play in the veto challenge in case he is not picked to play. With the turnout of events, will the man use this special power on the fourth week of "Big Brother Canada" 2?

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