‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Recap: Double Eviction Hits House Guests, Sarah and Kenny Evicted

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A double eviction hit "Big Brother Canada" 2 and created tension to the expecting house guests. Sarah got evicted on a 4-3 vote. Shortly after, Kenny followed with a 5-1 vote.

On the week 6 of "Big Brother Canada 2," Head of Household (HOH) Heather nominated Kenny and Allison for eviction. Kenny won the Power of Veto (POV) and removed himself off the block. This pushed Heather to put someone who is close to him as a replacement nominee. The official nominees after the veto ceremony are Allison and Sarah.

There are two apparent alliances in the house and the person who will be voted out was as clear as rain throughout the week. The fans were not shock at all that Sarah went home on a 4-3 vote. Adel, Jon, Arlie and Neda voted to evict Sarah while Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle voted to evict Allison.

When Sarah's eviction did not come by surprise, the tension in the house increased when Big Brother told them it will be a double eviction. A quick HOH challenge was played where Neda won. It was Neda's first HOH. Neda then named Rachelle and Sabrina as the nominees for eviction.

A quick POV challenge followed the nominations. Arlie won the POV and removed Rachelle to backdoor Kenny. Kenny was the main target of the Sloppy Seconds alliance (Jon, Neda, Adel, Heather, Allison and Arlie). Kenny left the house with a 5-1 vote. All voting house guests except Rachelle voted to evict Kenny.

Clearly with Kenny and Sarah getting evicted, the First Five alliance went through the drain. The First Five alliance was composed of Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie and Sabrina. The alliance widened when they included Rachelle and Allison. When Andrew left the house, Allison flipped and joined the other side. Arlie and Sarah were floaters to both alliances as both were also close to Jon. When Arlie chose to flip and revealed himself, Sarah did not want to leave Kenny. The alliance is now down to Sabrina and Rachelle. Sooner than later new alliances will form in the house and it may take Rachelle and Sabrina a little longer in the game.

More drama and twists are expected in "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 as the house guests become lesser week after week.

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