'Big Brother Canada' 2 Recap: Arlie Fails to Convince, Leaves House 5-0; Neda Wins HOH

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Arlie Shaban was sent out of the house in a 5-0 vote in the Week 7 of "Big Brother Canada" Season 2. Neda won the Head of Household (HOH).

Arlie tried hard to fight for his slot in the house but failed to convince making him the 9th houseguest to be evicted in this season of "Big Brother Canada". Earlier, Jon won the HOH and put Sabrina and Rachelle on the block. When Jon won the Power of Veto, the plan to backdoor Allison started to fume. Everybody seemed on board to backdoor the woman.

The houseguests prevented to feed Allison plans about what will happen after Jon won the POV caused her to freak out. Later, Big Brother gave them a booze party. Allison was drunk and cried as she burst out that people in the house can't be trusted especially Jon. Soon, Neda talked to Jon and decided to change the plan. The backdoor plan switched to Arlie. Arlie may be seen as a threat to everyone's game. With the plan set, everybody in the house except Arlie new that he will be backdoored.

Comes the POV ceremony, as expected, Arlie was backdoored. Jon took Rachelle off the block and replaced her with Arlie. It was then when Allison pulled out her scarlet veto, the one she won after finding the door to the secret room, and used it to take out Sabrina off the block. Everybody was surprised about it. The move forced Jon to put Adel as a replacement nominee.

Arlie campaigned to the Sabrina and Rachelle and pulled Allison to form alliance. The alliance seemed to work good a day or two before the eviction. Everyone in this alliance seemed on board in going to the end and they even called the alliance Arlie's Angels.

Things changed eventually, Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison immediately flipped noting that Arlie might not be true to his word as he had flipped on the First Five alliance once. It was also brought up that the man can win Big Brother if he would reach the end. Sabrina said she will be the only one left from the original First Five once Arlie left.

The eviction ended all of the voting houseguest (Allison, Sabrina, Rachelle, Heather and Neda) voted Arlie out.

A HOH challenge followed after and Neda won.

New twists are expected in the coming weeks of the "Big Brother Canada" Season 2. An instant eviction this week followed by another eviction on Thursday is now on the brew.

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