‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 Finale Update: Heather Exits Big Brother House; Jon, Neda and Sabrina Set to a Three-Part HOH

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Heather Decksheimer, 22 year old model agency coordinator, was evicted in "Big Brother Canada" 2 becoming the fifth member of the jury. Sabrina, Jon and Neda are this season's Final 3.

Feeds were blocked at the start of this week leaving fans the thought of Jon winning the veto and the hope that he will remove himself off the block. Before that, Sabrina won Head of Household (HOH) and put Jon and Heather on the block. Jon removing himself off gave the impression that Neda will be the replacement nominee.

Before the feeds were blocked, it was shown that Jon and Neda already agreed that Jon will vote to evict Heather. Neda and Jon have a Final 2 deal long before. Jon also told Heather about this and she submitted to it. Heather also said to Sabrina that she will not campaign against Neda because they were so close.

On a one-on-one talk with Neda, Heather said to her that in as much as she wanted to win, when she goes to the jury she will campaign for Neda. She wanted Neda to win the game. She said she will tell the jury good things about Neda so they will vote her as "Big Brother Canada" 2's winner.

With Heather exiting the Big Brother house, this season's Final 3 are Sabrina, Neda and Jon. These three will undergo a three part HOH. The houseguest that will win part 1 HOH will not be competing in part 2. The winner of the part 2 HOH will compete to the winner of the part 1 in the final HOH. The houseguest who will win in the Final HOH guarantees a spot in the Final 2. He or she will also have the chance to pick between the two other houseguests on who to bring to the final jury.

In the jury, the Final 2 will try to convince the members why they are this season's winner. The jury will then cast their vote. The Big Brother Canada 2 jury is composed of evicted housemates Arlie, Allison, Rachel, Adel, Heather, the last evicted houseguest and Canada.

The two hour finale of Big Brother Canada 2 will be on May 8, 8:30pm ET.

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