‘Big Brother Australia’ Introduces 5 Housemates; 3 Already Named [VIDEOS]

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“Big Brother Australia” has yet to launch, but five housemates have already been revealed. A magician from Mandurah, a “fiery redhead,” a Sydney “cupcake,” a gym junkie and “Posh Spice” are all announced to join the reality series.

Earlier this week a video for the so-called Posh Spice of Adelaide was uploaded on YouTube, followed by the self-professed Gym Junkie of Brisbane and Katie Cupcake of Sydney the next day. Fiery Redhead of Boulder was then introduced, with Magic Man announced on Thursday.

The contestants did not give their names, but three of them have already been unmasked.

Behind Big Brother forum has revealed that Fiery Redhead is Gemma Kinghorn, a netball player and nurse. She said she’s 6’6”, though people question if she has grown an inch because her Twitter and Instagram handler is @gemma6foot5.

Last year’s winner Tim Dormer also confirmed her identity, saying that she had auditioned for season 10 as well.

“This chick was throughout my audition rounds in 2013!!” Tim wrote on Behind Big Brother. “She got really mad when the first thing I asked her was does her carpet match the drapes! Haha, it was the first thing I thought of where my eyeline was...she’s VERY tall.”

Posh Spice is high school teacher and aspiring comedian Priya Malik, according to Adelaide Now. She was described by Adelaide Comedy’s Craig Egan as “flirty and firey” and who has “some real sass about her.”

Although Priya said that she’s bossy and a narcissist, Egan said that “everyone likes her.”

The magician is Lawson Reeves, a former Mandurah Catholic College student who is another aspiring actor.

Mandurah Mail revealed his identity, adding that Lawson appeared in the paper in 2011 when he was starring in the short film “Restare Uniti.”

As typical of most “Big Brother” housemates, the contestants announced that they don’t care if people hate them and “don’t take crap” from anyone. It’s as if they are already geared for battle and are prepared to take down anyone who as so much as breathe down their necks.

But perhaps there’s another Ben Zabel in the bunch. Lawson appears to be genial, though, as viewers have learned in the past, introduction videos don’t always show the real personalities of the housemates.

It was previously revealed that “one housemate will have the ultimate power.” What that means remains a mystery.

“Big Brother Australia” series 11 premieres on September 8.

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