‘Big Brother Australia’ Ex-Housemate Tully Back With Tahlia Now That Drew Is Out?

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Now that “Big Brother Australia” ex-housemates Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew are over, Tully is reportedly back with Tahlia Farrant, the girlfriend she publicly cheated on while in the famous house.

When Tully entered the reality show house, she was still in relationship with Tahlia. However, her flirtatious friendship with Drew quickly developed into something akin to a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They had shared many intimate sessions under the doona, openly kissed each other every chance they got, declared their love for each other numerous times, and even had lovers’ quarrel and kiss-and-makeup sessions after.

The first time they had exchanged I Love You’s in bed had Tahlia publicly dumping the social media strategist on Twitter.

It’s hard to blame Tahlia for very public diss of her ex-girlfriend. After all, she was cheated on in a very public way as well. It was worth noting, though, that that was her first and last diss. Woman’s Day magazine claimed to have an interview with her, though Tahlia has denied talking to the magazine.

As for Tully and Drew, they continued their merry way of being in love in and out of the house. Tully expressed remorse in hurting her ex-girlfriend, but appeared to be enjoying her romance with Drew.

But alas! Nothing is meant to last, even a relationship that was born from an affair.

“To no-one’s surprise, the pair that began their relationship by breaking someone’s heart have ended their tryst, probably realising that things between them were toxic for quite some time,” blogger Leesa Little wrote on her Social Observant site.

The pair commonly known together as Drully called it quits, with Tully claiming that their breakup was mutual, and that reality caught up with them once they exited the house and the cameras didn’t follow them anymore.

For the record, BBAU 2013 winner and Drully’s housemate, Tim Dormer, thought they were still together.

Tully’s breakup with Drew didn’t really shock anyone, but what was surprising was her alleged reunion with Tahlia.

As Reality Ravings first reported, both Tully and Tahlia have been posting pictures of each other on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. They appeared to be quite chummy since the beginning of 2014, tweeting each other on updates about their dog, Luna Wild Fang.

See photos of Tully and Tahlia on their Instagram here and here. Here they are with Luna, looking like a happy, reunited family.

They haven’t confirmed or denied the reunion rumour, though. Just last month, Tahlia posted an Instagram photo of her and Tully, referring to themselves as “divorcee’s.”

It’s possible that they were just being friendly with each other, much like having a Bruce Willis-Demi Moore-type of relationship.

But if they have indeed gotten back together, then who are we to deny them of their happiness? Although the whole of Australia got involved in Tully’s affairs when she entered the house, now that she’s out, her affairs have become her own again.

But feel free to scratch your head and say “huh?” if you feel like it. Truth be told, Tully and Tahlia’s reunion, if true, is a baffling phenomenon.

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