‘Big Brother Australia’ Ex-Housemate Jade Admits Split With Ed

  on March 24 2014 4:06 PM

“Big Brother Australia” can add another relationship casualty to its already long list. Jade Albany admitted that her romance with Ed Lower did not just work out after they left the famous house.

Jade didn’t make her love for Ed a secret in the house. After she got “divorced” from faux husband Anthony Drew, the 23-year-old Italian-Australian model got involved with Ed immediately.

Some might say that she had relentlessly pursued him, while Ed appeared to be using her to bid more time inside the BB house. And although some of their housemates cruelly mocked Jade for being too open about her feelings while the target of her affections didn’t seem as sincere, it’s apparent that she played the Big Brother game with all her heart.

One of the biggest questions was if Jade and Ed would continue their TV romance off camera. And just like Tully Smyth and Drew’s relationship, theirs did not live long enough after it got a taste of reality outside the house.

Their failed relationship first came to light after Ed replied to a follower’s tweet that he did not have a girlfriend when asked what he got for his special someone for Valentine’s Day. At that time, it wasn’t at all surprising that they had split. After all, he did not appear to be into Jade, as far as the show’s fans on social media thought.

“Obviously when we got out we just tried to make it work,” Jade told the titular hosts of the radio show “The Kyle and Jackie O Show.”

Nevertheless, reality caught up with them, and their relationship just wasn’t up for it. Jade surmised that if they had met outside the house, they probably wouldn’t have fallen for each other.

When asked if they had sex the minute that they got out of the house, Jade unabashedly admitted, “Yeah.”

They don’t do it anymore, though, now that they had split, she said after some prodding from Kyle Sandilands, but they are still very good friends.

Tully, who wasn’t physically present at the studio, also said via phone interview that she and Drew had split up. She has previously admitted about her failed romance with Drew to OK! magazine in February.

Just as Jade has said, reality caught up with them, and so they just had to let go of each other. And like Jade and Ed, Tully said that she’s still friends with Drew.

She did say that she is currently single, though, so the speculations that she has reunited with her ex-girlfriend Tahlia Farrant, the very same girlfriend who dumped her after she took her relationship with Drew to the next level in the house, are probably just groundless speculations.

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