‘Big Brother Australia’ Ex-Couple Tully and Drew to Appear in New Reality Show Together – Report [VIDEO]

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“Big Brother Australia” former couple Tully Smyth and Anthony “Drew” Drew have reunited... for the cameras. The controversial pair are reportedly part of a new reality show pilot being pitched to major networks titled “The Guestlist,” in which they can be seen working in a club.

The show will centre on Melbourne nightclub Eve’s owners Nick and Daniel Russian, and will also include Nick’s wife Rozalia, who has huge social media following.

However, they are not the only faces that will appear in the episodes. Some of the staff will also be featured, including two reality show stars.

According to the Herald Sun, it’s possible that Tully and Drew will be in the show as well. They won’t be guests, though; they will be working for the nightclub.

Tully has been hired as host, while Drew, who was a university student the last time he was in the “Big Brother” house, now works behind the bar.

Tully and Drew became the most talked-about couple in the show when they hooked up inside the house. Tully was in a relationship with her girlfriend Tahlia Farrant, but that didn’t stop her from getting intimate with Drew. Their romance was mainly condemned by the viewers, who weren’t happy with Tully’s sulky attitude in the show to begin with.

Earlier in 2014, though it was revealed that they have split up, and Tully admitted that once they were out of the house, reality had set it, and they both had trouble maintaining their romance.

Meanwhile, their housemate Jade Albany, who was “married” to faux husband Drew at the start of the Nine Network series, is said to be getting cosy with Network Ten reality show participant Daniel Churchill, who was part of “MasterChef Australia” series 5 in 2013.

The model and the fitness coach were snapped together in North Bondi on Friday, and they appeared to be enjoying an intimate breakfast for two.

Jade famously struck a relationship with Ed Lower in the house, but as with most of love stories forged in reality shows, theirs did not last as well.

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