‘Big Brother Australia’ Evicted Housemate Tully Admits To Cheating On Tahlia With Drew [VIDEO]

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“Big Brother Australia” evicted housemate Tully Smyth has admitted that she has cheated on now ex-girlfriend Tahlia with Drew in the house. Although she still insisted that she just had a normal friendship with the university student, the social media strategist has given in to rumours that their closeness is classified as cheating even in her book.

With just barely a few hours of sleep, Tully headed to the radio programme “Kyle and Jackie O Show” Tuesday morning after her eviction from the reality TV house on Monday night.

“Yes, I consider that cheating in my book. So to be honest I guess it is,” she admitted to the caller named Pedro who told her that she was just brushing off the fact that she has cheated on Tahlia.

“I’m not gonna brush that off. It is what it is.”

As “Big Brother Australia” viewers have observed, Drully (Drew and Tully) have had an unusually close, flirtatious relationship in the house that some have already classified as unfaithfulness to Tahlia, Tully’s girlfriend of two years.

After the airing of an episode earlier in September, wherein Drew and Tully were seen getting very physical with each other, Tahlia had posted a Tweet with the hashtag “#singlebabescomeatme,” which followers have interpreted as her way of saying she has dumped her girlfriend.

Tully’s Girlfriend Tahlia Dumps Her

Tully insisted, though, that her friendship with Drew was innocent, and that viewers only saw snippets of what really happened, which wasn’t as dramatic as what was shown on air.

“You guys only see snippets. And obviously it’s a great story to tell. Everyone loves a love story,” she explained to the radio hosts. “We were house husband and wives. We bicker like house husband and wives, but at the end of the day...”

She added, “Everything in that house is magnified... he was a huge support to me, I was emotional. We got along really well. And obviously, they cut together a really romantic story. I have no idea if Drew and I would get along on the outside world.”

News.com.au also reported an interview with Tully, in which she revealed that she had some issues with Tahlia even before she entered the house.

“If there are issues and cracks in a relationship it (going on Big Brother) is probably not a good time to test it,” she was quoted by the Web site as saying.

“I think that might have our problem, or my problem anyway. There were obviously some big issues there (with Tahlia) that were put to the test.

“There were a few big issues – like future goals – that I probably hadn’t discussed with Tahl. It (going on Big Brother) is a hard experience to put any relationship through.”

She hasn’t talked properly to her girlfriend yet; she only had a few minutes to do so after she was evicted. But she would like to talk to her about what really happened in the house.

“I would 100 per cent (understand if Tahlia didn’t want to reconcile). There is no question I was in the wrong even just with the friendship I had with Drew.

“I totally respect her decision and I will discuss it with her personally when the two of us find a minute to talk.” Meanwhile, Tahlia decided to stay away from Twitter for the time being, probably to let the hullaballoo about Tully die first.

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