Big Brother Australia 2012: Who Will Win the $250,000 Grand Prize? [PHOTOS]

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Big Brother Australia is set to announce Wednesday night the 2012 grand winner. Who will be $250,000 richer - Benjamin, Estelle, or Layla?

Former housemate Josh Moore is openly supporting the 32-year-old accounts manager Benjamin Norris. On the microblogging site Twitter, Moore calls out to fans using his ‏@Joshy_Moore account:

People! Make sure you vote for Ben!! I know @RaceyStaceyBB and @grantsaunders_ will be #BBAU #bestacey #cominginhot

But Benjamin does not have it all in the bag just yet.

Here are other tweets from avid viewers of the Big Brother reality show:

Every one needs to vote for Estelle. Resilient strong beautiful , she deserves it #bbau - Matthew Buntine ‏@mattybuntine

The people who mock Estelle for crying: I would LOVE to see you handle being ostracised, bitched about and teased for 3 months. #BBAU - Captain Cupcake ‏@mickiskye

Layla to Win Big Brother! She's the Most Lovely, Genuine, Sweetest Housemate & she Deserves to Win!! <3 #TeamLayla #BBAU - Kayleigh Morris ‏@Kayleigh_Morris

Ben to win #BBAU! I can't wait to see him and @RaceyStaceyBB back together again tomorrow night! :D - Jamie ‏@xjamieee

Housemate with the most haters?

With only hours away from the grand announcement, fans are actively posting status, blogging and tweeting in support of their favourite housemates. In the process, one name often comes up as the least liked housemate among the final three - 24-year-old law student Estelle Landy.   

What is it about Estelle that draws much criticism from outsiders? Neither Norris nor 24-year-old beautician Layla Subritzky is getting as much cyberhate.

A tweeter (@BerryPayneful) points out:

"Estelle is so nice making Ben and Layla dinner whilst they are just bitching about her. For god's sake, when are you going to stop?"

Obviously, human nature is at play here. And that's what the reality show explores. In the end (or after three months), the housemate who draws the most support goes home a winner. The best thing for fans to do - instead of hating - is to make sure they keep voting for their favourite housemate until deadline's up.

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