Big Brother Australia 2012: The Penultimate Show - Layla, Benjamin, or Estelle? [PHOTOS]

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Big Brother Australia 2012 is only a day away from announcing its big winner. The final three remains. Who will it be? Layla, Benajmin, or Estelle?

Big Brother Couple: Half of 'Mistelle' Out

Michael Beveridge has lost his chance of winning the Big Brother grand prize. But he got himself a love interest in the BB house. Now he's half of the Mistelle couple. What does he think about it, though?

"I've never been known to make a good decision when it comes to women," he said. Uh-oh. So that's it, then?

It seems Michael is more thrilled to spend time with former housemate Josh Moore, than with any girl in the house. The male buddies are likely to be spotted watching the cricket game on Sunday.

Big Brother Self-improvement Winner: "I am confident now" - Zoe

Zoe Westgarth also lost her chance at the big win, but she definitely took home something from the Big Brother house.

"I am confident now," Zoe told Benjamin Norris, who is part of the reality show's Final Three.

Zoe walked into the house looking every bit like a shy country girl. All the drama and challenges with the housemates have somehow cracked her shell. And now she is ready for a new chapter in the outside world.

Big Brother Australia 2012: What viewers are saying on Twitter

It's abhorrent and disgusting that some family members of HMs are now supporting 'anyonebutestelle' movement! We won't be manipulated #BBAU - Meepers ‏@Teamhousemate

SportsBet odds: Ben: $1.80 Estelle: $2.30 Layla: $4.50 BEN IS CURRENTLY THE FAVORITE TO WIN BIG BROTHER 2012!! @benandben2012 #BBAU - TeamZoeBigBrotherAU ‏@TeeamZoeBBAU

Estelle made it to the TOP 3! We did it #stellahood! Now we need to go hard right up until the end and get her that win! #bbau - Talent Stanner ‏@istantalent

Tonight is the second to the last Big Brother show. The grand winner will be revealed Wednesday. Who do you think will emerge as the most favorite housemate? Layla, Benjamin, or Estelle?

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