Big Brother Australia 2012 Finale: ‘That's Real Money’ – Grand Prize Winner Benjamin Norris

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Big Brother Australia congratulated Benjamin Norris Wednesday night for winning the most number of votes in this year's run.

When Norris, 32, opened the case with his quarter a million prize, he exclaimed, "(T)hat's real money!" A photo of his triumphant Big Brother winner's jump is now all over blogs and social networks.

Norris, an accounts manager, got more votes than the two ladies in the Final Three. He has marked TV history as Big Brother Australia's first gay winner.

Estelle Landy was in the lead earlier in the week, and this prompted Ben's fans to vote more actively for their favourite. Benjamin has never tried to hide his thoughts about Estelle even up to their last night in the house. They were not exactly in great terms. In the end, Estelle placed third and was evicted halfway through the finale. Layla Subritzky placed second.

"I've never really won anything in my entire life... I'll never have words to describe how thankful I am," Benjamin told BBAU host Sonia Kruger.

Supportive housemate: Josh Moore

The finale served as a quick reunion for this year's housemates. Josh Moore, who lost his older brother last month, showed up and delighted his fans. Moore, who was never put up for eviction but had to quit the show, showed his support for Benjamin on Twitter.

"People! Make sure you vote for Ben," he tweeted Tuesday.

Big Brother Australia 2012: Twitter reactions

Thirty minutes before the Big Brother announcement, Twitter followers have seen it coming. Exclusive BBAU (@ExclusiveBBAU) tweeted the results of its own poll: Our final 2012 Twitter voting is in. Layla- 18% Estelle- 24% Benjamin- 58%. Does Australia agree? Half an hour to go #BBAU

IF Benjamin had been that wonderful person to everybody,I would have been happy for him to win #BBAU. But, I feel bullying has been rewarded. - Suellen Green ‏@suellenswords

We should just stop fighting and cherish the moment that Benjamin wins. Every human has a beatiful and dark side. #bbau - Reality TV Addict ‏@FutureAussie

Benjamin won #bbau?! So excited! Though I wish it would have been Michael. - Asia ‏@asialeigh

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