Big Brother Australia 2012: Estelle Likely to Win, Viewers Tweet Reactions

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Big Brother Australia 2012 is likely to name Estelle the big winner if the results Sunday night should be sufficient basis. See what the BBAU viewers are shouting out via Twitter.

Sam was the latest evictee from the Big Brother house, with only three days left in the season. Estelle managed to gain a comfortable lead among the housemates with 24 per cent of votes. Placing second is Ben with 20 per cent of votes. Layla comes third with 18 per cent.

Fourth and fifth placers are Michael and Zoe, gathering 16 and 15 per cent of votes, respectively. In contrast, Sam got only 7 per cent of audience favor.

The game could change now that the results have been made known to the audience. Who is going to win the $250,000 grand prize on Wednesday?

Sportsbet has earlier said Michael was the current favorite, but the latest results did not seem to agree.

Meanwhile, a particular BBAU housemate is the subject of some haters' attention on social networks. Estelle, who is currently in the lead, is one of the most talked about personalities inside Big Brother's house. Some of the tweets will paint the picture for you.

Big Brother Australia 2012 Tweets: Viewers react to Estelle's lead

Seriously, Australia... We need to talk. If you do not get rid of Estelle, I am probably going to get violent. #BBAU - Relle, ‏@Relle05

But #stellahood, you are AWESOME! I hope Estelle can overcome the hate and pull out the win! #BBAU - Kristan Marie, @kristanxmarie

Here's a fact: Estelle has survived 8 evictions, has never bitched, she's fun and always happy. And is winning the votes. Fair leader I say! - Big Brother Tweeter, ‏@BBAU_TWEETER

wow the votes were so close! we can't let the other housemates catch up, vote for Estelle! #SaveEstelle #Stellahood #bbau - eмilч ‏@em_lei

Only two days go before Big Brother Australia 2012 announces its grand winner. Who is your favourite to win?

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