'Big Brother 16' Start Date: CBS Announces Premiere for 2014 Edition, Casting For New House Guests Begins


CBS has recently announced that the "Big Brother 16" premiere will be on Wed., June 25 at 8:00 P.M. ET/PT. The Thursday show is said to premiere on June 26, 9:00 P.M but the first live eviction is going to be on Thurs., July 3. The show's Sunday broadcast will premiere on June 29 at 8:00 P.M. Big Brother long time host Julie Chen will return once again to host the 2014 season, which is scheduled back to its triple weekly episodes.

" SAVE THE DATE. #BB16 starts Wed., June 25th at 8pm et/pt." Chen tweeted about the Big Brother 16 premiere and casting information for new house guests. "We are looking for house guests so check http://bigbrothercasting.tv/Big-Brother-Open-Casting-Calls ... for the latest info!"

Chen's tweet that the show is looking for prospective house guests is proof that Big Brother 16 will not have all returning players as had been previously rumoured as Big Brother 15 ended. Big Brother 4 winner Jun Song sparked the rumours by tweeting "What in the hell is going on? BB alum are campaigning to be cast for #BB16 All Stars?"

However, this does not mean that the reality show will not bring back some returning players just like they have previously done for many editions, including Big Brother 13 and Big Brother 14. There have been rumours suggesting that the producers are only bringing back people who they know will not make offensive comments. Big Brother 15 turned out quite disastrous due to its house guests' derogatory jokes and comments about each other. Several house guests were fired and CBS had to put a disclaimer before airing each episode.

Big Brother 16 could bring back some players just like the producers did for Big Brother 13 and 14. Season 14 saw the return of favorites Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, Mike "Boogie" Malin and Janelle Pierzina to help new house guests. Season 13 brought back season 12's Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas while viewers saw the return of season 11's Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder and season 8's Dick and Danielle Donato to compete with new houseguests.

Unless the producers decide to bring these popular stars for multiple times, they would have to look for other less popular ones to return. Season 7 is so far the only one which exclusively featured returning players.

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