‘The Big Bang Theory”: When Will Leonard, Penny Marry? Kaley Cuoco Celebrates One Month Anniversary

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Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting recently celebrated her one month wedding anniversary. The actress, who plays Penny in the hugely popular CBS' comedy "The Big Bang Theory," married tennis player, Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Eve. The very much in love couple had announced their engagement in September, 2013 after only three months of dating.

Mail Online has published the couple's one month anniversary celebration photos [check the photos here]. In the photos, Kaley and Ryan are dressed casually. Ryan can be seen wearing a checkered shirt and jeans, while Kaley is wearing a casual white shirt, which is dotted with horse prints, and leather shorts. According to Mail Online's report, Ryan and Kaley went for dinner at their favourite restaurant in West Hollywood, Craig's.      

It looks like Kaley is still enjoying her honeymoon period. However, for her reel-life character, Penny, it might take some time before she gets married to Leonard. In one of the episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7, Penny, in an inebriated state, went down on her knee and proposed to Leonard. The man, however, hesitated to accept the marriage proposal. Leonard and Penny's relationship is still going strong but without any plan to marry soon.

In an interview, Kaley said to The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that she wants Leonard and Penny to get married. She said:  "I'm ready for them to get married. Maybe because I just got married -- so come on Penny and Leonard, it's been six years! It took us six months! But I hope that's in the cards for them."

However, the actress feels that the writers do not intend to get them, together, soon. There might be more botched-up proposals in the upcoming episodes. "There's going to be more proposals that don't fully go through," Kaley said to THR.

Talking about Penny and Leonard moving in together, Kaley said it is unlikely to happen as they live next door, which means they are living together. However, the actress indicated that Sheldon will always live with them. "It's like, 'Come and knock on our door!' It's the three of them, always," Kaley said to THR. 

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