The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Spoilers: Kaley Cuoco’s Penny to Jump into a New Career, Trouble in Relationship

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Penny, who is played by Kaley Cuoco, is set to take a detour from her 'not happening' acting career and jump into the world of pharmacy in "The Big Bang Theory" Season 8. She will be seen as a pharmaceutical representative in the new season, and this switch to a new career is not good news for her and Leonard's [Johnny Galecki] relationship.

In "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7, Penny quit her job at Cheesecake Factory to pursue, full time, her acting career. She was kicked out from the sequel of Serial Apeist, the only movie she managed to bag. Leonard and Penny got engaged in the penultimate episode of Season 7, and were planning to move-in together. The new season of "The Big Bang Theory" will feature a more confident Penny, achieving succeess in a new career. Chuck Lorre, executive producer of the show, has revealed that Penny is getting an "interesting arc" in Season 8, as she is ditching her acting career. It is a surprising move, for sure. 

"She gets a shot to be a pharmaceutical rep at Bernadette's [Melissa Rauch] company," Chuck Lorre, executive producer of "The Big Bang Theory," revealed, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter (THR) to the press at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour.

As a pharmaceutical rep, the former Cheesecake Factory waitress is going to make some good money and this will create problem in Penny and Leonard's relationship. Lorre said: "She's [Penny] going to start making some money, which will unbalance their relationship as the power shifts. She's going to find some confidence and self-esteem, which acting does not provide in great heaping doses."

Lorre did not reveal anything about Sheldon's [Jim Parson] location. Overwhelmed with all the new developments, including Penny and Leonard's decision to move-in together minus him, Sheldon decided to board a train and get out of Pasadena in the Season 7 finale.

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 8 is scheduled to premiere on  September 22, 2014. 

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