‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 7 Spoilers/Preview Episode 20: Sheldon Breaks-Up with String Theory in ‘The Relationship Diremption’

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The episode 20 of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7, titled "The Relationship Diremption," will feature the break-up of Sheldon and his string theory. The spoilers of the episode suggest that it is Penny, not Amy, who helps him cope-up with the post-break-up issues.

According to spoilers leaked online, Sheldon will be depressed that he has been unable to come-up with a great discovery even after 20 years of work on string theory.  Penny will tell him that she knows the feeling and later can be seen giving him a hair-cut. The spoilers suggest that Amy will not like the haircut, as she feels the new hairdo will turn Sheldon into a "chic-magnet."

Meanwhile, Raj and Emily and Howard and Bernadette will go on a double date. At the double date, Emily remembers that she had one horrible date with Howard in the past. The spoilers say that on that date night, a sick Howard had clogged Emily's toilet and had escaped through the window.   

Official Synopses of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 Episode 20, "The Relationship Diremption": Penny helps Sheldon cope after he "breaks up" with string theory." 

"Sheldon faces a personal crisis after deciding he's wasting his time with string theory. Meanwhile, a double date between Raj, Emily and the Wolowitzes ends in embarrassment for Howard."

"The Big Bang Theory" is scheduled to return, with new episodes, on April 03, 2014. The new episode is titled "The Indecision Amalgamation." In this episode, Sheldon will be indecisive about which gaming system to buy. Sheldon's indecision will almost drive Amy crazy. Raj and Emily will patch-up. Emily will agree to go on a date, with Raj. This simple date scenario will turn a little twisted when Lucy sends a message to Raj, with the intention to reconnect. Penny again gets the offer to star in 'Serial Apist' 2. She will find herself in dilemma, as she will be unable to decide whether to take-up the offer, or not.   

The episode 20 is due to air on April 10, 2014.

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