‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 7 Season Finale [Episode 24] Spoilers: Sheldon at Crossroads!

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Sheldon is going through a professional crisis ever since he broke-up with string theory. The quirky genius announced the break-up realising that he has nothing to show after almost twenty years of working on string theory. It looks like the professional crisis phase is not getting over for Sheldon any time soon. Also, his personal life is going to shake-up.

TV Guide reports that in the season finale of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7, Caltech will stop Sheldon from changing his field of study, which will put him at the crossroads.

As reported previously, Leonard and Penny are likely to get engaged in the penultimate episode of the current season. When asked whether Leonard and Penny will get engaged, Steve Molaro, the showrunner of "The Big Bang Theory," said to TV Guide, "There's a lot of discussion in the last few episodes and they both realise they have to decide how serious they are about doing this."

TV Guide reveals that Leonard and Penny will discuss about live together, minus Sheldon. This will make Sheldon more upset, as his "world is even more rocked." According to the synopsis of the episode, Sheldon will be forced to confront an uncertain future and as a result of that, he will be considering a major move.

Meanwhile, it looks like Raj will stop finding ways to hook-up with a girl online or in a shopping mall, as things are going to "heat up" between Raj and Emily, according to TV Guide. They are set to take it to the next level. In  an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Molaro did not reveal whether Emily will be a series regular in Season 8, but said that "she will be around."

Talking about Howard and Bernadette, Molaro had said that "Ms Wolowitz continues to be a big factor in their lives. Coming up, she's going to need a little more health care than she has been needing and as a good son and daughter-in-law, that is going to fall on their shoulders to some extent." TV Guide reports that Howard and Bernadette will be looking for caregiver for an injured Ms Wolowitz.

Molaro has teased, as quoted by TV Guide, that the season ends with "many big moves" and cliff-hangers (yes, multiple) that "affect everyone."

The finale episode of "The Big Bang Theory" is titled "The Status Quo Combustion." 

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